Selected Work Experience

Blog Editor for Ron Connors, Financial Planner at SunLife Financial 

Ron Connors, a financial planner at SunLife Financial had composed 12 blogs that explained important financial information. He wanted to share these blogs with current and potential clients to help them with their financial options. I edited his blogs for content, sentence structure and comprehension. I also posted his blogs for him on his LinkedIn profile.

Freelance Writer at Your Local Journal

Your Local Journal covers events and topics that relate to Vaudreuil-Solanges and surrounding boroughs. I attend meetings, interview residents, municipal council members, volunteers, experts, teachers and so on.

My articles average around 500 words and I often am required to provide my own photos. I try to present the information in a way that is non-biased and provokes the interest of members of the community.

Inbound Marketing Manager at OOHLALA

  • In this position, I was responsible for creating, editing and maintaining OOHLALA’s web and social media presence.

    I edited and wrote blog articles, whitepapers and social media posts. I managed the company’s online reputation and I created interest in the company’s product through social media and content marketing.

    Responsibilities included:

    Editing blog articles and whitepapers

    Writing blog articles and whitepapers

    Managing writers

    Engaging with potential clients on social media

    Encouraging engagement with product through content marketing

    Creating social media posts

    Maintaining a strong web presence

    Soliciting new business through email marketing

    Developing lead generation opportunities through content marketing

Digital Marketing and Content Creation at Herd Wisdom

As an expert in content creation, I was given the responsibility of maintaining and innovating Herd Wisdom’s social media and marketing initiatives. This included creating and writing blog posts, search engine optimization and engaging with clients through several social media platforms and forums.

I wrote ads, edited copy, created infographics, budgeted marketing expenses and utilized SEO best practices. I also optimized social media posts and participated in industry forums.

Some of the applications I used in this position included: WordPress,HubSpot, Excel, Word, Google Drive,AdWords, Trello, Confluence, Evernote, Powerpoint, Google Trends and the Social Media platforms: Pinterest, Linkedin, YouTube, Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

In addition, I was an integral part of the content creation for the latest version of Herd Wisdom’s website.

Freelance Writer at Montreal Families

Montreal Families caters to parents, grandparents and children of all ages. This monthly publication covers everything from heart-warming personal interest stories to informative and educational reports. They are also one of the best resources for activities in Montreal that will appeal to children and their families.

As a freelance writer, I was assigned stories based on the need of the publication. I wrote anywhere from 4 to 6 articles a month. Topics I covered included news, reviews, event summaries, personal stories and educational material.

Copywriter and editor at Herd Wisdom

Although my main position was as a digital marketer and content creator I also worked as a copywriter and editor for various projects related to the company’s app.
Junior Features Editor at BULACE Magazine
October 2014 – December 2014 (3 months)

As an intern with Bulace Magazine I was given many responsibilities. At the time, I was hired the magazine was preparing for their first ever print issue. My first job was to find writers who fit the magazine’s style.

Once I’d brought an adequate number of writers onboard I came up with a list of story ideas for the first issue. I sent these ideas out to the writers and explained the deadline and what was required for submission.

When the articles were submitted I worked with the Deputy Editor to edit the articles so that they were fit for publication. I also communicated with PR and Media representatives of several fashion and design companies to collect images to accompany certain articles.
Furthermore, I wrote several articles and transcribed a number of interviews.

Intern at Navut

At Navut, I learned about digital marketing and how I could create blog content that would direct traffic to Navut’s website.

I began by writing 6 blogs a week on a variety of subjects that were thought to be of interest to Navut’s potential customer base. Later I was given sole responsibility for Navut’s real estate blog ( As I have never worked with this subject before I undertook extensive research so that I could write informative articles for the blog. I wrote between 5 and 6 blogs a week of approxiametly 500 words each.

Each blog I wrote I had to optimize for search engines and social media. This included coming up with keywords, tags and images. In addition,I had to format my blog with links to other blog entries and the Navut site and come up with a Calls to Action.

Editor-in-Chief at The Concordian

  • Responsible for a team of over 20 staff members
  • Oversaw the production of a weekly university newspaper that catered to the interests of students, faculty and staff
  • Responsible for ensuring the quality of all content published in the paper which included fact-checking, copy editing for grammar and spelling as well ensuring that copy met Canadian Press style guidelines and standards
  • Ensured that staff met deadlines as well as the expectations set forth in their contracts
  • Assisted editors in writing and editing articles
  • Selected cover photos and stories
  • Wrote a weekly editorial on topics of interest for members of the Concordia Community
  • Responsible for corresponding with business manager on paper financials and advertisement
  • Worked with production manager to lay out the paper and to oversee the visual presentation of all articles and photos

Student Career Advisor at Career and Placement Services Concordia

  • Instructed and assisted Concordia students and alumni in composing and editing their resumes and cover letters
  • Communicated with students to determine their needs and how best I could be of service
  • Guided students through the interview process and coached them in how best to respond and present themselves in an interview situation
  • Determined what services offered at CAPS and within Concordia would be most useful to students and promoted said services by providing all necessary information

Arts Editor at The Concordian

  • Responsible for the weekly production of the Arts section of The Concordian. This involved:
  • Creating a story list and assigning writers to cover stories, producing a Section Plan of the week’s articles for the editor-in-chief and making arrangements to obtain photographs
  • Communicating with writers to ensure that they had everything they needed to produce a well-written article
  • Editing articles for content and adherence to Canadian Press Style rules and those of conventional Canadian spelling and grammar standards
  • Corresponding with writers, production assistant, copy-editors and editor-in-chief as needed to ensure the timely and professional publication of the section
  • Composition of articles that focused on Concordian-related activities or activities of particular interest to Concordians


  • Diploma in Digital Marketing from Shaw Academy
  • Inbound Certification from HubSpot March 2015 to April 2016
  • Foundation Diploma in Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management
    from Shaw Academy December 2015

Bachelor of Arts (BA), Creative Writing
Concordia University

Relevant Courses
Grammar, Usage, and Style
Principles and Practice of Editing
Creative Non-Fiction
Special Topics in Journalism: The New Energy Beat
Creative Writing Fiction