October 23, 2014

To whom this may concern:

Amanda Shore has asked me to write her a letter in support of her application for the administrative internship with the National Magazine Awards. This is something that I am very enthusiastic to do.

Amanda was assistant arts editor at The Concordian student newspaper at Concordia University in 2011-2012 when I served as editor-in-chief. In her role as an assistant editor, Amanda constantly pitched great story ideas, wrote stories on a wide variety of topics on deadline, and copy edited articles by contributors with a keen eye for detail.

These skills, as well as her ease at interacting with new people, led her to become arts editor at the paper the following year, and finally editor-in-chief in 2013, responsible for a team of over 20 editors and dozens of contributors.

When I was supervising Amanda, she was nothing short of wonderful at her job. She is patient, dedicated and very easy to work with. She is also someone who goes the extra mile. Her sharp eye would catch errors, both factual and grammatical, that had been overlooked by the copy editors. She would also suggest clever ideas for photos and graphics, breathing new life into a publication that caters to an audience of 45,000 students.

It was no surprise that Amanda was qualified for this position, as she came from a creative writing background and was very knowledgeable with regards to the arts and the publishing world.

I can also attest to the fact that Amanda is a strong writer, who contributed articles despite her already heavy editing workload. Her rich vocabulary and solid research captivated the reader until the very end.

You can’t go wrong if you hire Amanda. I am convinced that she is exactly the kind of intern the National Magazine Awards are looking for.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Jacques Gallant

August 24, 2015

To whom it may concern:

Ms. Shore was a great asset to this company and we were sorry to see her go. During her time here, Ms. Shore was responsible for developing and implementing Herd Wisdom’s digital marketing strategy. Ms. Shore is extremely creative and an excellent writer. She routinely demonstrated these skills in her blog writing, social media posts and ad writing.

Through Ms. Shore’s efforts, we were able to increase the public’s engagement with our company and product. Ms. Shore’s digital marketing efforts led her to develop several relationships with potential clients, while also increasing traffic to our website and on our social media platforms.

As an employee, Ms. Shore was consistently positive and demonstrated the ability to take initiative and work independently. She is well organized and a fast learner. I would consider her to be a valuable member of any team and therefore I highly recommend her for employment.

I would be happy to talk more about Ms. Shore’s accomplishments and work ethic, please feel free to call me at the number listed below.


Nancy Morris, Product Manager, Herd Wisdom