Hi! You’ve arrived at The Rough Draft—Writing and Editing Services.

Why You Should Hire Me
• I can take a tornado and transform it into a breeze.
• I can write you a story that will sell sand to the Egyptians.
• I can transform instruction into action.
• I can continue to work even as the sky falls and pigs fly.
• I can make pig Latin make sense to pigs.

Plain English Translation:
• I am organized and efficient. I tame chaos and turn it into productivity.
• I am experienced in writing copy for a variety of mediums (ads, social media, emails, newsletters, blogs etc.).
• I’m a quick a learner.
• I work independently and am self-disciplined. I get things done with little or no supervision, in spite of any
• I know how to take complex information and make it understandable.

Let’s figure out how I can help you. Contact me today:

  • amandalshore@gmail.com
  • 1-514-318-9610